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Our Story

Established in June 2018, YHL Aquatic Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company involved in aquaculture business for shrimp cultivation, tropical oyster hatchery and fish aquaculture through advanced bio-technology. Based in Bio Desaru, Johor, the Company has secured 125 acres land for marine shrimp and oyster cultivation. The unique geographical location and climatic conditions have won absolute advantages for shrimp farming. YHL aims to build a frozen seafood processing plant to provide market consumers with simpler and more convenient products and services. In addition, YHL Aquatic uses optimized aquaculture technology to improve the quality of shrimp while eliminating the serious impact on marine ecology caused by many unregulated fishery producers in marine fishing. YHL Aquatic also supplies a large amount of fresh white shrimp to the wholesale market, vegetable market and our neighboring Singapore. In the future, we are looking to create a B2C retail chain industry and greatly enhance the overall development and business scale of the company.

Our Mission

  • To provide a green, excellent and sustainable aquaculture products to a wide range of consumers.
  • To assist 50 poor family to get rid of poverty by participate our oyster and prawn co-farming project by 2024.
  • To assist 100 poor family to get rid of poverty by participate our oyster and prawn co-farming project by 2026.
  • YHL Wonderland to become world famous eco-tourism spot in Malaysia.
  • YHL’s seafood to become the preferred seafood brand of the world.

Our Vision

  • Protect billions marine life, let the ocean blue again.
  • Make our team proud, full of love and satisfaction.

Mohamed Fydzullah Othman

Managing Director

Bachelor in Food Science (Universiti Putra Malaysia)

To Protect Billions of Marine Life &

Let The Ocean Blue Again!​

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Our Core Team

Teo Kok Ann

Chief Strategic Advisor

Cheong Wai Loon

Chief Operating Officer

Wong Weng Leai

Chief Administrative Officer

Lian Xiao Yi

China Regional Director

Danny Lim Choong Khang

Deputy Chief Technical Officer

Our Technical Team

Danny Lim Choong Khang

Deputy Chief Technical Officer

Marcus Wong Chee Kam

Farm Manager

Akram Bin Ahmad

Technical Advisor

Salman Bin Maming

Technical Supervisor

Mac Anderson Bin Laduil

Technical Supervisor